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at St Elisabeth's CE Primary School

At St Elisabeth’s we aim to inspire all children to develop a love of physical activity and sport. Through good physical education, whole school values and a whole child approach, we aim to nurture confident, resilient children who will strive for their personal best.

We believe that pupils should have a range of experiences where they are involved in physical activity. We believe pupils should participate and become increasingly confident in:

  • a range of activities such as gymnastics, games and dance
  • extra-curricular clubs such as street dance, multi-skills, football and hula hooping
  • competitions within school and within the local area
  • outdoor learning where pupils develop their fine motor skills along with running and climbing
  • an awareness of a healthy lifestyle including the benefits of exercise both physically and mental well-being
  • teamwork, leadership and communication, fairness and respect
  • evaluating and improving their own and peers’ skills

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