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Thrive CE Academy Trust

St Elisabeth's CE Primary School is part of Thrive CE Academy Trust. 

The Thrive CE Academy Trust maintains oversight and responsibility for the continued growth and success of all our academies, ensuring that strong Christian faith foundations are maintained and built upon within each of our schools. 

Our Trust's Mission and Core Values - Belonging Believing Becoming

Our trust mission is to be a loving Christian community, where everyone has a sense of belonging, develops a strong belief in themselves and the Christian faith and achieves their full potential becoming the best they can be.

These three words sum up our mission statements and our faith foundation as Church of England schools.


  • to each other in mutual support, respect and trust;
  • to the communities of Didsbury, Reddish and Northenden, committed to playing an active role in providing outstanding local primary schooling;
  • to the Diocese of Manchester, as part of a family of 191 distinctive Church of England schools;
  • to the world in which we live, caring for the whole creation regardless of race, religion or background.


  • in our gifts and abilities, as each child is unique and valuable;
  • in our potential, as each child will be challenged and nurtured;
  • in our Christian faith, as each child will be guided by our church ethos and values.


  • responsible and productive – a force for good in society;
  • engaged and pro-active – ready to change and challenge the world around us;
  • aware of our vocation, with a growing sense of purpose and preference;
  • well-rounded and self-aware, through an holistic and broad-based education.

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