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This school has eight governors who act on behalf of St Elisabeth's for Thrive CE Academy Trust. For more information on the organisation of the Trust and the other schools within it, please see the Thirve CE Academy Trust Page.

The Local Governing Board (LGB) of St Elisabeth's CE Primary School has clearly defined responsibilities and is accountable to the Trust Board of the Thrive CE Academy Trust.

St Elisabeth's CE Primary School is a church school with very strong links to the Parish of St Elisabeth's in Reddish. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of the church nominate some of our governors, in order that the faith foundation of our school is firmly upheld. The PCC nominations have to be ratified and approved by the Members of the Trust, who have the controlling interest.

This school has one parent governors who is elected by parents with children at the school. There are also two staff governors. One is the Head of the school, she is a governor because of her job. She attends the meetings and prepares reports for the governors. The other is voted for by all the people who work in the school.

Co-opted governors are selected by the Academy Trust to support and challenge school improvement and ensure that school improvement priorities are having the desired impact on our children's education. Members of the Trust Executive Team may also attend meetings to ensure clear lines of communication between the LGB and Board of Trustees. 

This school on occasions also has community governors or associate members in order to ensure succession planning is rigorous.

This governing body meets six times each year (once every half-term).

You will also be able to read the latest minutes of the Thrive CE Academy Trust, St Elisabeth's CE Governing Body, too.

Please note that at every Governing Body meeting our Governors have to declare any pecuniary interests.

Our Chair of Governors, Mr Lee Jamieson, can be contacted by email on:

All our Governors have enhanced DBS checks.

Local Governing Body

Current Governors
Previous Governors
Pecuniary Interests
Name Governor Type Term of Office Governor Link
Mr Lee Jamieson Chair of Governors 08.07.23 - 07.07.27 H&S, Literacy, PP
Ms Megan Nicholson Co-opted 01.09.20 - 31.08.24  
Mr Ian Cole Co-opted 01.03.23 - 31.02.27  
Mrs Ruth Gent Foundation 01.09.20 - 31.08.24 Governor Development
Mrs Amanda Lancashire Head of School 01.04.23 -   
Mr Stephen Conliffe-Jones PCC 21.06.22 - 20.06.26  
Mrs Janet Hodgson Parent Governor 26.11.20 - 25.11.23 Numeracy and SEND
Vacancy Staff Governor    


Name Governor Type Term of Office
Mrs Beverley Burrows Past Headteacher Governor  
Mr Matt Whitehead Past Co-opted Governor  
Rev Alison Mitchell Past PCC Governor  
Mr Paul Good  Past Other Governor  

This table contains the Declarations of Interest for:
- Current governors
- Other Members
- Historical Governors

Name Governor Type Pecuniary Interests Date Signed Register
Lee Jamieson Chair of Governors None 05/09/2023
Megan Nicholson Co-opted Employee at the Department for Education 01/09/2021 - 12/07/2023
Mr Ian Cole Co-opted None 25/09/2023
Mrs Ruth Gent Foundation Employee at Manchester Diocese  12/07/2023
Mrs Amanda Lancashire Head of School None 05/09/2023
Mr Stephen Conliffe-Jones PCC None 24/06/2022
Mrs Janet Hodgson Parent Governor Started employment at St - Elisabeth's C of E Primary School in September 2022 as a Teaching Assistant 14/09/2023
Other Members      
Danielle Wood Other None 04/10/2023
Sarah Storey  Other Parent of one child in Year 3.
Didsbury CE Primary School Employee
Historical Governors      
Paul Good Foundation 2 Grandchildren attend Didsbury CE School 17/10/2023
John Barrett CEO None  
Pam Dunham Head of Service Employee at Stockport MBC  18/04/2023
Joanne Millen Staff None 25/09/2023
Deborah Bradley Other None  
Andy Kent Other Linked financially through his consultancy. He's the lead at RMA governor support. Chairs NCOGS and IEB.  
Amanda Lancashire Other None  
Liz Revill Other None  
Geoff Stevenson

Other Spouse employed by St Wilfrid's CE Primary School 31/03/2020
Parent to children attending St Wilfrid's CE Primary School
Employee at the Ambition Institute
Alison Mitchell Other Governor at both Reddish Vale Nursery and St Elisabeth's CE (Trust) 10/03/2021
Matt Whitehead Other Employee at St James and Emmanuel Academy Trust 01/09/2015

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Governors Attendance 2023-2024

Name Governor Type Date: TBC Date: TBC Date: TBC
Mr Lee Jamieson Chair of Governors      
Mrs Amanda Lancashire Head of School      
Ms Megan Nicholson Co-opted      
Mr Ian Cole Co-opted      
Mrs Ruth Gent Foundation      
Mr Stephen Conliffe -Jones PCC      
Mrs Janet Hodgson Parent Governor      
Vacancy Staff Governor      

Governors Attendance 2022-2023

Name Governor Type 10.10.22 05.12.22 23.01.23 15.05.23
John Barrett CEO Attended Apologies
Attended Apologies
Mrs Beverley Burrows Headteacher Attended Attended Attended Apologies
Mr Ian Cole Co-opted governor N/A N/A N/A Attended
Stephen Condliffe-Jones Foundation DBE or PCC Appointed Apologies
No Apologies sent Attended Attended
Ms Ruth Gent - Manchester Foundation DBE or PCC Appointed Attended No Apologies sent Attended Attended
Mr Paul Good Other N/A N/A N/A Attended
Mrs Colette Hallworth   Attended N/A N/A N/A
Janet Hodgson Parent governor Attended Attended Attended Attended
Mr Lee Jamieson Foundation DBE or PCC Appointed Attended Attended Attended Attended
Amanda Lancashire Associate Headteacher N/A N/A N/A Attended
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