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Curriculum Design

at St Elisabeth's CE Primary School

Principles of the Music Curriculum

We provide a music curriculum that is an opportunity for children to engage in a creative way that promotes enjoyment and love of music and develops their talent as musicians.  We believe that children should learn to listen, play, compare and evaluate music.

During their time at St Elisabeth's CE, we believe that children should have a range of musical experiences.  Consequently, children will have the opportunity to become increasingly proficient and confident at:

  • Reading simple notation
  • Copying and developing rhythms
  • Using tuned and untuned instruments and voices
  • Evaluating and responding to different styles of music from different periods of history
  • Keeping time
  • Performing solo and in ensembles
  • Using a range of musical terms
  • Composing their own music

Music in the Classroom

Music is taught throughout our weekly timetables through music assemblies, weekly curriculum lessons and wider opportunities. We follow The Manchester Music Scheme in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

At St Elisabeth's CE in our EYFS curriculum, music is covered in the Expressive Arts and Design early learning goals. Children in our Nursery and Reception have the opportunity to sing, make music creatively both indoors and outdoors and respond to music in music and movement sessions. 

From EYFS to Year 6, we follow the Music in the Classroom scheme to ensure continuity and progression in knowledge and skills.

Throughout the key stages, our pupils are also given regular opportunities to perform for their peers, parents and the community and in a range of venues in our local area, e.g. our choir performing at St George’s Church Carol Concert.

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